This is why I bought a Barcelona chair to play video games

If you love playing video games, then some gaming accessories will improve your gaming experience. A gaming chair is one of those essential add-ons. As you spend hours playing these games, your chair must be comfortable and good for your health.


Barcelona chair is a good choice for gamers. Ludwig Miles van der Rohe was the designer of the classic Barcelona chair. He believed in simple yet stylish fashion. He used modern materials to make simple designs.

In 1929, he was given the responsibility to design the Pavilion for the Barcelona World Fair. From there the ‘Barcelona Chair’ became famous around the world for its classic modernistic design. The sides of the frames were made using two pieces of steel that are welded together.The steel had a chromed finish.

Benefits of Barcelona chair

  • Made of high-quality materials like leather.
  • Provides good ergonomics. You won’t have back pain by sitting on this chair for a long time.
  • The curved frame is perfect for maintaining a good posture.
  • The cushions of the chair match the curved frame. So, it’s comfortable to sit in.
  • The chair is hand sewn from separate pieces of quality leather.


The main reasons for buying Barcelona chair is because of its design and health benefits. Gamers are at high health risk due to playing long hours. This chair will reduce the health risk by supporting the back perfectly. You will have a good posture and will not suffer from back pain like the other gamers.


3 reasons a lot of gaming addicts have posture problems

The video games are so intense and full of stories that it is very easy to get addicted to it. You often don’t notice what harm it is causing to your health. Many game addicts suffer from posture problems. Here are the reasons why.

1) Each joint and muscle have an optimal position to work in. If the muscles don’t work in that position, the muscle will have to withstand more load. This condition is called length-tension relationship. When you are slouched, the muscles at the front of your chest are in a short position. The muscles in your back will be in a lengthened position. These positions cause break down.

2) When you sit in the same position for long hours, it causes strain on your neck and back muscles. As a result, you get bad posture.

3) The lack of movement for long hours causes stiffness and soreness. It can cause severe back pain. You will find it difficult to stand up.

You must always maintain good posture. You should sit better. You should wind your pelvis forward. Straighten your back with your chest wind up so that the back of your neck gets longer. This is the way you should sit.

If you play video games for a long time by not sitting properly, you will suffer from back and shoulder pain. The pain may turn out to be severe, and it may affect your mobility. So, you should always sit properly.