PES 2017 vs. FIFA 2017 – Which one should you buy?

We are all eagerly waiting for FIFA 2017 and PES 2017. It is expected to come out at the end of September. It looks like a tough battle this year. Here are sneak peaks of the features that can be expected in both the games.



You will see significant graphical improvements FIFA this year as they have moved the serious to its Frostbite Engine. This is the same engine that powers games such as Battlefield and Star Wars. That means there will be more realistic animations, facial and motion capture. So, it will be more exciting to play. The lighting will be better as well. You will be able to access new areas like changing rooms and tunnels for interviews. The PES 2017 will be running on the same FOX engine it used in 2016. There will be better lighting at night, more crowds and better rain.



Though FIFA offers best licenses, this year PES will have good licenses as well. Arsenal and Atletico Madrid are permitted to license from the Premium League this year.



There will be a new story in FIFA 2017 called ‘The Journey.’ In this story, you play as Alex Hunter who is an upcoming football star and going to be part of the Premiership Teams. But you need to perform well to help Alex achieve his dreams. You will decide everything from the position, play, and attacks. No new mode is coming up for PES 2017.

Gameplay features


In FIFA 2017, the AI is better. There will be better attacking techniques so that you will have good control of the ball. PES 2017 will have improvement to goalkeepers. There is a new gameplay feature called Adaptive AI. Using this feature, the opposite team will watch the moves that you make and will adapt their defenses that way.

By looking at all these features, it seems that it is better to buy PES 2017, especially for its adaptive AI. But you will also see some great improvements in FIFA 2017 as well.